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May 22, 2013

Last Class Standing

One of the reasons I decided to begin this blog now is that it additionally functions as a project for the last, yes, I said LAST class I will have to take for my master's degree in communication disorders at Western Kentucky University.  I almost have a difficult time believing that this will be the last class I am required to take as I approach the end of my graduate studies journey.  I remember four long years ago that this moment felt like it would never arrive.

The class that I am currently taking is titled Professional Issues and it is shaping to be a very instrumental class to have at the end of this academic trek.  I say that because as I near my official graduation (did you see the pictures I posted of it? wooo!), this class will aide me as I transition from graduate student to clinical fellow.

Topics of this current class I am taking are (but not limited to: ASHA membership info, clinical fellowship info, code of ethics review, financial literacy, resume and job application procedures, professional advocacy, job strategies, professional collaboration, scope of practice, preparing for employment, culturally diverse clients, and many more topics that I feel confident I need additional preparations for.  I know right, these are helpful, functional topics that will totally help me to become a new clinician!

One project for this class mentioned above is to create and maintain a blog... and, well.. tada!!! Here she is!  I hope to continue this creative blog endeavor as I start my new journey into the life of becoming a new SLP clinician and perhaps the sharing of my experiences will touch others venturing out just like me, inspire new students to delve into this field, or simply allow me to connect with other professionals.

Here are a few of the topics I hope to post about in the (near) or foreseeable future:

Distance learning vs. on-campus learning
Coming from a field or career totally unrelated to communication disorders (hint: me!)
How to jump-start an education in communication disorders
Applying to graduate school "Must-have's"
My perspectives as a school-based SLP-A
Things I wish I knew (or wish someone told me) as a new SLP student/new SLP clinician
GRE test taking pro-tips (in my life, I've taken it 6 times!)
Tips and tricks to documentation and paperwork woes
Various clinical or therapeutic practices that I find helpful/useful
Posts in response to my class project prompts (they will be labeled) for Professional Issues
What to do if you don't get into graduate school on the first try (happened to me!)
Any many, many more! This is just a start!

I hope that you new, dear readers will join me as I continue this electronic adventure!

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