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May 25, 2013

Professional Issues Class Post: CF Mentor

Review the certification standards (2005 or 2014) and describe your ideal CF mentor.  Think about who you are and how you learn when thinking about the person who you want to guide you into the part of the profession.  Thinking again about your learning style, what are your concerns about the CF? How can you best prepare for whatever concerns remain?

Tough question! To begin, I am pretty open about what type of CF mentor I am privy to get-- just the chance and opportunity to collaborate with someone else in the field excites me.  It is reassuring to know that as I approach my clinical practices post-graduation, I will have someone to bounce questions off of, ask for guidance, and generally have a go-to person for all those little instances where a helping hand are warmly welcomed.

Ideally, I hope to be a CF mentee under someone who is compassionate, patient, understanding, confident, and clear about expectations.  I am the type of person who is a visual learner. I learn by seeing, processing, and integrating what I've observed into my own clinical persona.  I would hope that should I encounter something challenging or unknown, my mentor can somehow show me how he/she would approach the situation, so that I can better understand how to integrate what they are showing and teaching me, with my own practices.

That being said, I would be concerned that my CF mentor might think that I'm not motivated or confident in situations where I'd like to be shown the correct approach to the situation.  I also understand that there will be situations in which being shown the correct approach might not be feasible or possible, which is also something I've considered.  I think to best prepare for this type of concern, I should continue to be mindful of my current practices and creatively integrate any type of exchange that I receive from my mentor, no matter the medium in which we are exchanging information and ideas.

As a new clinician, I know I will encounter countless questions that I will want to ask of my mentor, and I want to be mindful to not bombard them with too many elements--especially if some of those questions can be answered by myself with a little detective work or research, so that is also something additionally I am considering.

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