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June 30, 2013

Professional Issues Class Post: The Future

So, what now?

This is the last question posed to me for my final graduate class in my communication disorders program. What now?  That's such a difficult question! The short answer is that I don't immediately know for sure what the future holds for me.  I do know that I am currently wrapping up my third and last externship with a private practice and I have extremely enjoyed the experience and things learned during my time there.  I've had some prospective job "leads" for a potential CF placement, but nothing concrete has been offered or solidified so I am kind of just in a waiting pattern at this point to see if anything pans out, and, if not, to continue the search for a job as soon as I graduate.  The very real truth is that graduate school is expensive and I need to start paying off some items and produce some income very soon.

Additionally, no matter if I'm offered a job or not, I've fallen into this weird, 'purgatory' holding pattern so that once I graduate, I cannot begin to work my CF position until my official transcript posts.  I'm not certain if this is something that I should have always known and just didn't discover it until very recently, but it is a very frustrating thing to graduate in August but yet wait until sometime in September for my official transcript to post.  On top of it posting, I must also apply for my license and wait for that transcript to make its way to the state licensing board (in my case, for Alabama, is ABESPA) so I must also wait on the mailing and processing logistics of that process!  In short, I don't know exactly when I can officially say I can start working, and that has made the interview process a very tricky one indeed! I do know that some classmates have been able to circumvent this process due to different state laws and regulations where they live. Additionally, f they are choosing to work in a school system, where emergency teaching licenses can be more easily procured, then the hiring process can be expedited more easily.

All those logistics aside, I am very excited to be one step closer to the final end of this journey! It has been filled with ups and downs, excitements and disappointments, but ultimately the path to becoming a speech-languge pathologist is something I would never reconsider. In the meantime, I will continue to raid yard sales, thrift stores, and any other means to collect items for therapy.  I will enjoy the process of becoming a CF clinician with patience, knowing that things always seem to work out the way they need to.

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