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June 9, 2013

Professional Issues Class Post: Satisfaction

At the beginning of class, we talked about what would make a person happy or satisfied in a position.  Often what brings you happiness is not directly related to your profession.  Some people need to work in an environment where there is great deal of professional autonomy while others want a direct line of authority and lots of layers of it.  I for example like having a start and finish. What do you want – interior hall, lots of windows, solo practice, teamwork, variety, continuity, change, stability, something new every day, routine?  I want you to think about the environment more than the specific duties. 

As always, I love questions like this one that cause me to stop, reflect, and consider what I truly desire for my professional life.  After much consideration, I've decided that the following elements are those that I consider to be paramount to my career and professional development.

I love teamwork, and I thrive on the ability to bounce my ideas and questions off of other professionals without a fear of embarrassment or intimidation.  I would feel most satisfied in a position where I was allowed, nay, encouraged to collaborate with my coworkers and fellow professionals.  While some people enjoy dancing to the beat of their own drum, I find that I am most creative when I am able to gleam insight from others in the profession (such as Pinterest).

Ideally, I'd like to find myself in a situation where I have my own little plot of space-- that is, in the form of a classroom or office. I know that sounds trivial, but I would feel that I would be a stronger clinician if I had a spot from which to store/house therapy items, quietly work on documentation, and collaborate with other professionals, if needed.  In short, I need some type of "home" for myself as a professional, for my materials and for my own sense of a space.

One of the reasons that I went into this profession was the fact that we tend to see so many different things, day in and day out.  I love the fact that in some instances, I never know what to expect.  That sense of unknown definitely helps to keep me on my toes, and that is something I think will be vital for me, to motivate me to constantly be on my guard, to not get complacent at times, and to consistently work with an open mind.

That being said, while I do like variety, I enjoy a routine in my life. I like to know what to expect and have a sense of a schedule that I am used to.  I don't really thrive in environments that are constantly changing to the point that I never know what to expect-- this sense of chaos really makes me feel uneasy as a professional.  I like to have a plan, organize, and be prepared... and a routine definitely aids in that endeavor!

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