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January 23, 2016

Welcome 2016

Welcome to the new year, 2016! What a whirlwind 2015 was... as much as I had high aspirations of putting great efforts into this blog, no sooner had I decided to really grow this endeavor that I discovered I was pregnant! Thus, 2015 made for a very exciting and unpredictable year.

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In that time I successfully navigated my first 10K (the Disney Princess 10K at Epcot):

We dressed up as Haunted Mansion cast members for the run!

We also attended DragonCon in Atlanta when I was 8 months pregnant which was quite the adventure.  We cosplayed some of our favorite characters, Phil portraying Kirito from Sword Art Online (anime) and I was Khaleesi, Dani the Mother of Dragons (pregnant version) from Game of Thrones. Fun times!

Can I just say that wearing that costume and wig while being so pregnant was NOT advisable...! especially in Atlanta in early September.  I thought I would die but it was all for the good of the character and we definitely had a lot of fun.  

See, speech-language pathologists can do much more than just treat communication disorders!  While I am definitely, unequivocally dedicated to my career and making a difference to those who struggle to communicate, it is very nice to take a break from therapy, progress notes, lesson planning, materials hunting or creation, research, and everything else in-between. As with anything, having hobbies to fall back on is so important! It makes coming back to work that much sweeter in the end when we take time to take care of ourselves and enjoy the little things. 

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