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February 2, 2016

How do you data?

One of the hardest things to consistently do as a busy SLP is manage the various paperwork elements that are required in education.  While it might seem laborious, taking details therapy notes (or SOAP notes, if so inclined) is crucial in order to reflect progress (or lack thereof) at annual IEP reviews, billing, and other meetings.  My students are in the 4th-6th grades are I have them graph their performances so it promotes ownership of their goals and I've found that having them do this task also helps to motivate them.  We have candid discussions about "how to get my dot to go higher" on the graph.  Here is a version of my data sheet, I include the student's name, goals, a place to track data, and a place for notes where I can indicate what we did/activity, what kind of cues/prompts I used, how the student's behavior was that session, and anything else I think is important.  

I learned during externships and by communicating with other SLPs that there is no one true way to take data. Everyone has their own methods, so I took little pieces of this and that from my clinical graduate placements and came up with my own style.

There are other resources to find helpful data sheets so you don't have to reinvent the wheel:
Speaking of Speech
Marisa McGrorty from TPT
Stefania Cipriani from TPT

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