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March 3, 2016

Crafty Speechie

My graduate student celebrated her birthday this week and I wanted to make her something special and personalized so I decided to make her a Smarty Symbol charm bracelet!  I got the bracelet details from Hobby Lobby and then printed the symbols from SmartySymbols (I have a commercial subscription account with them, highly recommended!). 

Here is what I came up with:

I think she liked it! I hope to make more of these in the future for some of my coworkers and speechie friends.  The only tweak I would make would be to get the symbol pictures made with photography photo paper.  Here, I laminated the symbols but the sealant seeped into the corners of the pictures and I think photo stock would handle this process in a better way. Otherwise, I was pleased with the outcome. Yay for being a crafty speechie!

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