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March 27, 2016

Happy Easter!

This year for Easter we got to decorate eggs again and I decided to try a new approach. After scouring Pinterest for some time, I saw that it was possible to dye eggs using rice and food coloring for a (potentially) water/mess-free activity. I was game! 

I purchased some "fake" eggs (not sure what they are made of but they sure felt like the texture and consistency of a real, empty egg!), some food coloring, a 5 lb bag of rice, some disposable containers, and a few extras. I also snagged a cute book: Happy Easter Mouse! by Laura Numeroff (author of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie). 

We decided the classrooms into two tables/sections.  One table would decorate eggs with stickers and decals with my graduate SLP student clinician, Julie.  The other would decorate eggs with me using the rice/dye method.  

When I begin to approach any kind of activity with my special forces, special-needs classrooms, I try to think of using or making as many visuals as possible.  My tool of choice is Smarty Symbols. I have a monthly subscription that allows me to make whatever I need. You can download images and they also have templates to make a variety of materials.  LessonPix is also a great and similar tool that has similar features as well. 

It was a success! I loved it and they seemed to love it, too!  I hope to expand on this activity for next year and try to dye eggs with silk ties.  I had seen a tutorial on Pinterest about how to do it but didn't own any ties I minded cutting up.  Now I have a whole year to thrift store find some fun ties and try that project for next year.  

Happy Easter, speechies!

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