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September 13, 2016

Back to School 2016

Welcome back!  I'd like to extend a big welcome back to both students and parents, what an experience this school year has been so far.  To begin, my classroom has had a few changes, namely in the decorations and decor that it sports.  The last three years were themed with a bird motif and this year I wanted to change it up a bit.  I decided upon the theme of...


Here is what it used to look like to remind you:

Let's take a quick peek of the new stuff:

New window treatment. The students still LOVE my solar powered toy collection!

 Disney! I love seeing Mickey and pals every day when I come into the classroom. 

Another view of the work space for students and myself.  I love the pops of color to really brighten things up a bit. Of course I kept my 7 Habits picture frames to remind students of the successful steps to being a student. 

I had a LOT of fun redecorating my room! I hope you like it as much as I do!

The beginning of the school year also brings with it the dreaded speech schedule. It is such a pain! Luckily I work with some amazing co-workers who are VERY flexible with helping me work out my schedule.  I like to do pull out therapy at first and then transition to a mix of push in and collaborative therapy as the year progresses. That is just my personal style. There are a few resources out there that can make the process a bit easier for you if you are yourself an SLP working in the school systems:

*Speaking of Speech
*Speech Room News
*AGB Speech Therapy
*SLP Toolkit

I also had the amazing opportunity to get trained professionally in the PECS early phases system by Pyramid Education. It was a 2 day training and I personally believe it was some of the best training I have EVER received in my career as an SLP.  I left the seminars with very clear and informative techniques that I could begin IMMEDIATELY in my therapy room, which is something I find lacking in many CEUs.  Most of the time the conference discusses and deals with theology and theory but is short on therapy approaches and techniques.  This conference was a perfect blend of everything and I hope to continue to do more training in this approach again one day. 

Last, I have a new student this year that came with a personal Dynavox AAC (augmentative and alternate communication) device. This is something that is slightly new for me and I welcome the challenge!  I've been collaborating with the student's parent and teacher to make sure we can customize the screen, options, choices, and ability for him to express himself effectively.  This is a great learning experience for me and I cannot wait to see where we go on this professional and personal journey! I love being a speech-language pathologist!


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