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October 19, 2016

Activity of the Week: 10/10/16

This week was an iPad week! I've blogged about this before, but I like to take one item or activity and use it across a wide variety of groups.  I've also blogged about some of the apps I've used in therapy and I'd like to remind you that most of the apps I use are research-based or are made by SLPs or those specifically for our field and profession.  Students love the iPad because it makes them feel like they are playing games, but we are actually getting our work and practice done!

Sometimes students work independently or work together to complete an activity. I love using iPad apps for articulation to students can get lots of practice in and in different ways/contexts.

For my special forces students, we discussed "Things I See in the Fall" and used a TechTalk device, sentence strips, and an AAC communication app for those that need a visual support for answering yes/no questions.  We can also target answering -WH questions, labeling, following directions, basic concepts, vocabulary, and requesting. 

I wish I could show you this student's real face (hidden for confidentiality), but he was beaming after completing our activity together!  He had such a great time in working on this project with me.

Happy speeching!

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