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October 19, 2016

Activity of the Week: 9/26/16

Fall is here in northern Alabama!  This week's highlighted activity was completed with our self-contained special needs and special forces class.  The previous week we had read and looked at several books that discussed the season of fall.  Vocabulary concepts such as leaves, pumpkins, apple cider, weather changes, and warmer clothes.  We decided that we would do a texture craft that included concepts of following directions, colors, shapes, sizes, locatives/prepositions, and much more. Here are a few snapshots of our craftivity:

We taped a variety of leaves to the back of sheets of paper and had the students take a crayon and rub it over the top in various colors, much like you would see others do for tombstone and grave rubbings.  We let students request and pick the colors they wanted for their masterpiece.  We saw sharing, social interaction, and they really seemed to be engaged in smelling and touching the leaves, each having a different and unique combination of sensory elements. 

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