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November 1, 2016

Activity of the Week: 10/24/16

This week was a homework week in my speech room.  I've blogged before about how I typically do homework once a month (mainly to save on prep time and paper costs).  Students have a variety of prizes and rewards they earn when they turn in homework.  Here are a few action shots of students collaborating, working together, and learning the tasks on their homework packets:

Both of these students were targeting their articulation and speech sounds and these word searches are fun, keep the students engaged, and enjoyed practicing with this unconventional approach.

These students are also working on articulation pages together. The reason that I like these homework packets is because they require the following initials to receive completed homework credit: their own self-rating, a classmate's opinion, the teacher's input, and a signature from a parent at home. What a great way to generalize those speech skills! 

Sometimes I like to use the iPad app "KidDoodles" to help write targeted words for students to assist them with spelling, visuals, and teaching concepts.  It acts like a dry erase board BUT the students love seeing the technology being used in such a fun way. They get a kick out of seeing the font change colors... sometimes, it's the little things that go a long way! :)

The language packets that were sent home targeted the following: packet #1 was describing (we used the EET kit to help us out), comparing/contrasting (venn diagram), antonyms, and irregular past tense verbs; packet 2: vocabulary, predicting, and inferencing.

In my special forces special needs classrooms, we constructed two craftivity projects for Halloween: masking tape mummies and hand-print ghosts!  I got the idea for masking tape mummies off Pinterest and the idea for hand print ghosts from a project I had done years ago when I was a toddler teacher.

Some of the skills we targeted included Halloween vocabulary, labeling simple items/objects, answering yes/no, -WH questions, textures, following directions, counting, colors, and fall themed topics.

This activity was also a great project to work on gross and fine motor skills such as tracing, cutting, and placing small items on a targeted spot (glue and eyes).


Didn't they turn out so cute? Happy Halloween and happy speeching!

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