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November 8, 2016

Activity of the Week: 10/31/16

Happy Halloween!

At least, that's what we celebrated for some of our sessions here in my speech room.  We pulled out one of my favorite activities, Chipper Chat!  I used some free holiday boards off of TPT and students could choose from Halloween, fall, or Thanksgiving themed boards.  I like Chipper Chat because it is a fast activity that doesn't require a lot of skill to participate. 

The "game" is simple, students complete a turn by producing their work or practice. Once their short work or review is complete, they roll the dice (I use foam ones).  Whatever number is rolled is the number of the amount of tokens that they can start covering a space (like Bingo). The first student that covers their card 100% is the winner.  We stress over and over again that ALL STUDENTS ARE WINNERS!  Students loose a turn if they whine, brag, or display inappropriate playing behavior. They can get quite competitive; I stress the importance that we RARELY play games in my classroom, and that when we do, they are to make the work FUN.

I like using Chipper Chat because I can take that fun activity and use it with all groups but modify the content that is being taught or targeted.  For language students, some worked on practicing some grammar this week. The concepts included pronouns and verbs (present/past tense, plus irregular past tense verbs).  We made structured statements such as "He/she/it/they is/are _______+ing." For past tense, our sentence was "He/she/it/they __________+ed." We discussed what irregular verbs are and how how they do not follow the normal rule of adding an -ed to the end of the verb to indicate past tense.  Most groups had visual supports to complete this activity.  To teach the concepts, we used the 10 minute grammar flip book and other language groups worked on context clues from the Leveled Vocabulary Book.  We also used picture cards to create structured sentences.

My articulation groups practiced their speech sounds while using a variety of tools.  We referred to speech sound drill fundecks by SuperDuper, Inc., the iPad app Articulation Station, and The Speech Wizard.  Depending on their level of practice, students produced their sounds in words, phrases, sentences, reading, and in structured sentences.  

My special forces special needs students worked on reading the adorable book, Creepy Carrots.  We targeted concepts and themes for Halloween and worked on joint attention, labeling, yes/no questions, -WH questions (when, where, who), and locatives/prepositional concepts.  After the story we used a fake/plastic carrot and one of my old Beanie Baby rabbits (never get rid of things you collect, future SLPs.... you might just find a use for old unused objects you never considered to use as therapy tools... in this case, my old beanie babies!).  Students worked on putting the carrot besides, on top of, underneath, next to, in front of, and behind the rabbit.  

What a fun, productive week discussing a variety of themes!  Happy speeching!

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