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November 27, 2016

Activity of the Week: 11/14/16

This week's activity was a fun and old favorite; I kept the activity light and easy since it is the week before Thanksgiving break and both the students and myself are ready for a little time off from school!  We played a game called Pirate Talk by SuperDuper, Inc

 Here's a small video of the game in action:

I love it because the game play is simple (less fighting over the rules!) and it has picture cards that target a wide variety and range of language skills for both expressive and receptive goals. Here's a short snapshot of a few cards that includes skills like repetition, -WH questions, following directions, categories, inferencing, describing, and social questions.

I also used some cards from the SuperDuper, Inc game Grammar Chipper Chat so students that were working on syntax and grammatical goals could use these cards for their turn at the game.  Some examples of work included nouns, verbs, plurals, irregulars, and many, many more!

For fluency students, we worked on slow rate while speaking structured sentences and using deep full breaths before speaking. These cards came from another fluency set (to be discussed in another post). 

My articulation students worked on structured sentences with speech fundecks from SuperDuper, Inc. I guess you could say it was a SuperDuper week! I have no ties or affiliation with this company at all, but I do own many of their products and they make the "grab 'n go" style of therapy very easy to do.  The upside is that the materials are already made for you, there's absolutely no prep involved as opposed to gathering and acquiring materials from, although there are many low or no prep materials being offered now due to rising demand and request for such items.

For other groups, we utilized Speech Room News' Thanksgiving-themed interactive vocabulary books. We discussed prepositional concepts in the Where is Turkey book and food vocabulary in the Thanksgiving Dinner book.  We also looked at sentence strips with our vocabulary words like "I see a ________." for example. 

 Here is a small video of us incorporating the vocabulary books with some practice. We are also targeting joint attention, following directions, matching, and receptively labeling.

I also have a student who utilizes a Dynavox AAC device and we incorporated some of the vocabulary and concepts with the device for this activity. 

I also wanted to showcase/show off the cool project we completed for Veteran's Day.  We did this activity last week but it was pulled together into a presentation and went on display in the hallway so visiting Veterans could see it for our school production.  This is how it turned out:

I think it turned out nicely! In other news, our school also put up new signs for the teachers and staff and mine finally came in:

I love it! Sometimes it's the little things that make us so happy and excited. Especially in education. ;) Last, I spent most of my Friday planning time working and prepping homework packets for the week following Thanksgiving break:

Fun fact, I go through approximately a ream (packet) and a half of paper each time I print out homework pages for my students.  That's a lot of paper!  That is one of the (many) reasons that I only offer homework once a month, it's just too expensive and time consuming to prepare more than this! If you are a working SLP, how do you offer homework?  I am always looking for better ways to fulfill this area for my students in a functional and productive way.

Happy speeching!

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