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December 4, 2016

Activity of the Week: 11/28/16

This week with my special forces students we began discussing the topic of... Christmas!  One of my favorite times of the year, I love teaching holiday themed lessons with my students.  We worked on the Christmas Vocabulary interactive books by Speech Room News. Can you tell I love her products?!  Disclaimer, all therapy materials and items are purchased by me for me directly with no ties or affiliations, so my comments and remarks are truly of my own opinion.  Unless I say otherwise, I am not affiliated with any company or product and my raves are uniquely my own. So anyway, back to the holiday season... here's some snapshots of these books in action:

I will often use gestures and signing to help get attention, foster joint attention to something, or prompt for a targeted response.  Here I am using signs and a finger gesture and head nod to help this student answering with a yes or no response.

Other groups completed a review of their speech folders (I'll do a post on those and how they are set up very soon), their reward chart progress, and their classwork we've completed together.

As the semester wraps up, I like to do sessions with students that summarizes what we learned together.  Students also received a homework packet from me to earn more stickers for their reward chart.  The holiday Christmas party is coming up but must be earned through specific practices and behaviors!

I also cut the week short a tiny bit to take a few personal days to attend my best friend Lauren's Disney wedding!  She got married at the Disney Wedding Pavilion (just like us!) and it was a joy and treat to be able to spend the special day with her and her new husband George!

 Next week things are back to normal!  We will review our goals, graph progress, discuss and review the semester's work, and many other fun things as we wrap up this first 1/2 of the school year! Stay tuned!

Happy Speeching!

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