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January 28, 2017

Activity of the Week: 1/16/17

This week we read a book, Zombie in Love, in all of my groups.  I used it because Valentine's Day is coming up and I'd like to keep the love theme in the air for awhile.  Each group used the book in a different way.

Some students looked at the book with me and we worked on answering -WH questions, yes/no answers, sequencing, and reading simple sentences from the book. Most of these resources were made my yours truly! :)

My language groups read the book and then we used the EET language kit to describe the book.

Articulation groups just did another deep review of their speech concepts with visuals and placement cues.  Some groups worked on minimal pairs, others worked on stabilizing their sound, some students were new to my caseload and starting from scratch, and others are about to be graduated and are working on conversational speech skills.  I use a token system with those at the convo level and each time they miss a misarticulation, I take a token.  If there is at least one remaining token, students get a treat.  They love the "game" and it helps to keep them motivated and aware of their speech performance.

My special needs and special forces students got to make fake snow!  Here was the setup:

Here were the visuals and the how-to:

This was a fun but messy sensory activity that involved vocabulary, following directions, and sensory play!  We didn't make much snow that packed together very well, not sure what I did wrong (this was my first time in trying this) but they had fun either way.

I wish I could show you their faces because everyone was ALL SMILES when we did this activity.  Due to confidentiality though, I need to hide faces for privacy. Trust me, though, we had a blast!  We talked about cold weather, seasons, what real snow feels like, problem solved what to do with messy hands and if it got on our clothing, and cleaning up after making a mess.

Happy speeching!

Activity of the Week: 1/9/17

This week was all about starting off the new school year with a solid review of skills we learned last semester.  For articulation students, that meant breaking out mirrors, toothettes, flossers, straws, silly putty, visuals, iPad animations, and a visual reminder sheet as well as placement cues from me to produce targeted sounds in isolation as a warm up.

For my language students, we reviewed the EET expanding expressions tool to describe a picture that they were given.  This served as a great reminder and refresher for all the areas of discussing items or objects. Next week we will use the EET visuals to summarize a short story!

Other students got to interact with some Toca Boca apps to describe, follow directions, and learn concepts. These apps are so fun!

Some students got to learn about winter and arctic animals (the ones that didn't get to do the activity last week).

Finally, my social and pragmatic language groups got to begin new sessions from website that we've been using all year.  I hope to do a full review about this website very soon.  I pay for the subscription myself so my review will be open and honest without financial or other obligations.

I do like that it includes information on how to problem solve a variety of situations.  The situations reviewed do cover real life every day issues or complications.  So handy! My students love the characters and animations.

Happy speeching!

Activity of the Week: 1/2/17

Can you believe it is already the new year?! Happy 2017!  To begin our year, we started with some professional development, mainly surrounding the concept that language morphology is a vital component of teaching children how to dissect words, integrate world knowledge, and better understand how our words and language are related and predictable.

Then we were asked to pair up with a colleague and do some peer observations and feedback. Of course I looked at one particular buddy and was all:

I only got to see half my caseload this first week back since students didn't start until mid-week. Here are a few activities that my students got to do.

Students got to complete a 2017 New Years resolution booklet and come up with their own goal to improve on for the new year.  We discussed the vocabulary behind what a resolution meant. This was created by Speech Room News.

Other students got to learn about arctic or winter animals and we practiced vocabulary and reading:

What a great start to the new year!

Happy speeching!