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January 28, 2017

Activity of the Week: 1/16/17

This week we read a book, Zombie in Love, in all of my groups.  I used it because Valentine's Day is coming up and I'd like to keep the love theme in the air for awhile.  Each group used the book in a different way.

Some students looked at the book with me and we worked on answering -WH questions, yes/no answers, sequencing, and reading simple sentences from the book. Most of these resources were made my yours truly! :)

My language groups read the book and then we used the EET language kit to describe the book.

Articulation groups just did another deep review of their speech concepts with visuals and placement cues.  Some groups worked on minimal pairs, others worked on stabilizing their sound, some students were new to my caseload and starting from scratch, and others are about to be graduated and are working on conversational speech skills.  I use a token system with those at the convo level and each time they miss a misarticulation, I take a token.  If there is at least one remaining token, students get a treat.  They love the "game" and it helps to keep them motivated and aware of their speech performance.

My special needs and special forces students got to make fake snow!  Here was the setup:

Here were the visuals and the how-to:

This was a fun but messy sensory activity that involved vocabulary, following directions, and sensory play!  We didn't make much snow that packed together very well, not sure what I did wrong (this was my first time in trying this) but they had fun either way.

I wish I could show you their faces because everyone was ALL SMILES when we did this activity.  Due to confidentiality though, I need to hide faces for privacy. Trust me, though, we had a blast!  We talked about cold weather, seasons, what real snow feels like, problem solved what to do with messy hands and if it got on our clothing, and cleaning up after making a mess.

Happy speeching!

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