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January 28, 2017

Activity of the Week: 1/2/17

Can you believe it is already the new year?! Happy 2017!  To begin our year, we started with some professional development, mainly surrounding the concept that language morphology is a vital component of teaching children how to dissect words, integrate world knowledge, and better understand how our words and language are related and predictable.

Then we were asked to pair up with a colleague and do some peer observations and feedback. Of course I looked at one particular buddy and was all:

I only got to see half my caseload this first week back since students didn't start until mid-week. Here are a few activities that my students got to do.

Students got to complete a 2017 New Years resolution booklet and come up with their own goal to improve on for the new year.  We discussed the vocabulary behind what a resolution meant. This was created by Speech Room News.

Other students got to learn about arctic or winter animals and we practiced vocabulary and reading:

What a great start to the new year!

Happy speeching!

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