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January 28, 2017

Activity of the Week: 1/9/17

This week was all about starting off the new school year with a solid review of skills we learned last semester.  For articulation students, that meant breaking out mirrors, toothettes, flossers, straws, silly putty, visuals, iPad animations, and a visual reminder sheet as well as placement cues from me to produce targeted sounds in isolation as a warm up.

For my language students, we reviewed the EET expanding expressions tool to describe a picture that they were given.  This served as a great reminder and refresher for all the areas of discussing items or objects. Next week we will use the EET visuals to summarize a short story!

Other students got to interact with some Toca Boca apps to describe, follow directions, and learn concepts. These apps are so fun!

Some students got to learn about winter and arctic animals (the ones that didn't get to do the activity last week).

Finally, my social and pragmatic language groups got to begin new sessions from website that we've been using all year.  I hope to do a full review about this website very soon.  I pay for the subscription myself so my review will be open and honest without financial or other obligations.

I do like that it includes information on how to problem solve a variety of situations.  The situations reviewed do cover real life every day issues or complications.  So handy! My students love the characters and animations.

Happy speeching!

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