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February 12, 2017

Activity of the Week: 1/23/17

This week my special forces students worked on an amazing resource called Picture This! Community Helpers by Speechy Musings. It has a very large pool of visuals and a variety of levels to work on for asking questions, discussing details, expected vs. unexpected behaviors, etc.  I love using this tool with my students! Take a peek:

For others, this week was a homework week. Here are a few snapshots of us working on our homework packets. Each packet targeted a range of language, articulation, or fluency skills to be worked on at home.  I like to use the following resources for homework: 

Some articulation students come twice a week so the first session they worked on homework, the second session we did a range and variety of activities.  Here are some moments captured where we played "go fish" with super duper articulation fundecks.  To spice things up, students used whisperphones to hear themselves more clearly (auditory feedback).  They love using them!  

I am also using a method to help generalize speech skills into higher forms of communication, such as practicing in sentences and conversation. If you notice the pile of colored tokens in the above photos, here's how this method works: students begin the session with a set amount of tokens.  If they mis-articulate something (depends on the level of their practice!) and do not correct themselves or produce accurate speech, I take a token.  If they have at least ONE remaining token by the end of the session, they can earn a piece of candy from my candy box.

Also, because I was recovering from strep and did not have much of a voice, I used one of my favorite tools, a clicker, to alert students of when they are misarticulating.  Here's what it looks/sounds like.  I use this took all the time, not just when I am trying to preserve my voice.

Happy speeching!

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