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February 12, 2017

Activity of the Week: 2/6/17

This week my special forces students got to do one of my favorite activities with the book companion kit by Speech Room News to the book There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Rose.  We are reading this to prepare for Valentine's Day that is coming up!

I love this set/companion because it has a lot of activities to do with students such as yes/no questions, verb tenses, -WH questions, comprehension questions, sequencing, a story map, and many more. I pair this set with my book and my little old lady doll who is ready to gobble up all of the many items that she eats in the book.  I try to get activities as much "hands on" as possible!

Some students worked on their articulation flip books that we mentioned last week:

Other students got to work on the speech/language Non-fiction texts worksheets by Nicole Allison.  These were mainly used so students could work as independently as possible. I also extra love them because I can use them with both artic and language groups. I've been recovering from strep and lost my voice for part of the week.

We used highlighters as a visual aid/tool to find our answers. Some groups even worked on writing skills with punctuation and spelling with this exercise.  Speech students highlighted the sounds they were working on for a more visual guide when reading.

For my push-in classroom therapy, we worked on a few pages of the Valentine's Day themed TPT resource.  We targeted sight word reading, counting syllables, labeling parts, finishing a sentence, and phonemic awareness/letter recognition.

After, we made our way outside to the table to do some paint marbeling by using shaving cream and paint.  We mixed in the colors and then stirred it with a straw. Students then pressed a piece of paper down and then we pulled it off the paint and scraped off the extra foam.  Once dry, the paint/foam gives the paper a "marbled" effect.  Next week we will make them into valentines cards, stay tuned!

Happy speeching!

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