March 5, 2017

Activity of the Week: 2/20/17

This week is one that is slightly out of the normal.  On Monday, we were out of school due to the holiday of President's Day.  On Tuesday, students were out of school so staff could have some professional development time to train in our respective areas.  Due to such a shortened week, I decided to make our focus on technology by using SLP created or research-based apps for learning!

The first app is by Smarty Ears and is called Basic Concepts.  It teaches and shows concepts like locatives, word relationships, cause/effect, and other areas through touch exploration of 3 various scenes: western, space/futuristic, and Egyptian.  Students love exploring this app!

 The next app is also by Smarty Ears and is called Sentence Ninja.  Students had the opportunity to create a variety of sentences and we discussed various components of grammatical elements such as subjects/nouns, verb tenses, and punctuation.

 Articulation students worked in the app called Articulation Station and after they practiced their targeted speech work, they got to have a turn at putting together a Cootie for the same-named game, Cootie!

Happy Speeching!

Activity of the Week: 2/13/17

For Valentine's Day, we revisited something we began last week, the story about the old lady.  We also reviewed some interactive Valentine's Day books, both resources by Speech Room News. I love her materials!

Next, both articulation and language groups got to do some science experiments with Nicole Allison's One Item Therapy packet using those tasty Valentine's Day candy hearts!  Some topics included vocabulary concepts, predicting, inferencing, discussing the activity with fluent speech or using speech sounds, and figurative language (idioms).

We formed hypotheses, discussed concepts like substances, liquids, floating, sinking, and also practiced correcting capitalization and punctuation.

These are how the marbled paper hearts turned out from our craftivity we did last week with the special forces students:

They smelled yummy and the kids enjoyed seeing the different textures. I think it was a hit! Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy speeching!