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April 29, 2017

Activity of the Week: 2/27/17

So this week I didn't take any pictures of sessions, mainly because we were doing a homework activity and I've recently posted lots of pictures of us practicing those concepts.  I DID take some photos, though, of some fun and engaging lessons with my self-contained special forces students!  We have been focusing on March themes since it was the month we were entering into, as well as St. Patrick's Day holiday emphasis.

We learned about St. Patrick's Day with Speech Room News' interactive vocabulary books:

Next, we did some multi-sensory crafts using marshmallows and green peppers to make shamrock stamps with paint.  Basically, you take a green pepper and cut it in half. It will usually produce a 3 or 4 leaved shamrock or clover shape when cut into.  You then take the inner half of the pepper and dip it in paint. You can then "stamp" pieces of paper (or whatever) to create a shamrock shaped stamp! For the marshmallows, you take it and stamp the page for how many leaves you want on your stem. They loved these activities.

Here I am teaching the concepts and showing the directions and introducing the vocabulary for the lesson:

These are crafts I discovered and learned to love when I was once a toddler teacher at a local daycare.  I always tried to find crafts that engaged multiple concepts of learning.  Here we targeted the following skills: following multi-step directions, colors, shapes (basic concepts), texture, smells, counting, vocabulary related to the month and holiday, and many more!

Happy speeching! 

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