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April 29, 2017

Activity of the Week: 3/6/17

This is the last week of school before spring break.  Normally, that brings with it hectic schedules and everyone trying to squeeze in last minute learning before taking a nice step back from academics for a little while.

My students usually spend this week reviewing concepts that we have previously learned as well as graphing their goals.  I'd meant to get a picture of this process but forgot. :(

I did remember to take photos of the cool craftivity that everyone participated in.  I am in love with the EET kit (expanding expressions toolkit, I am NOT affiliated with this product in ANY way, I just bought it with my own money and use it extensively).  The visuals are easy to remember and so I had each student create their own bracelet or keychain to take with them to use this system in other settings.

Language students use this kit to engage and use more specific language when describing something and my articulation students use the kit to describe something with their target sound in it. Fluency students will use it to talk about something while using a targeted fluency strategy.  It's a WIN-WIN!

Also, it was our annual "vocabulary parade."

My chosen word was astronomy and I had a fun celestial skirt that lit up and you can't tell but my necklace is of the planets in our solar system. My bracelet also lit up and the students LOVED the theme!

Happy speeching!

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