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July 13, 2017

End of School Activities

Since the end of the school year ends in lots of chaos and hectic schedules, I figured instead of weekly recaps to show all of the fun things we got to do as our year wrapped up:

APRIL:  Ok, the month of April is basically state testing.  Seriously.  For, like, almost 3 weeks I am engaged in testing students and here in Alabama we administered the ACT ASPIRE test.  I assisted students in small groups, paper, pencil, extended time... you name it. I even administered or proctored exams for students that needed to do make ups.  It gets a little tedious and I miss seeing my regular caseload.  There's not much to post about April other than mention testing.  Do know, however, that all my students receive significant reminders, refreshers, and updates on test-taking (and more importantly) and compensatory strategies for this period of time. Most missed sessions are made up in some way via my awesome scheduling system (I'll try to post about that sometime in the future).

Some students got to celebrate Cinco De Mayo by making fun booklets (vocabulary) and red solo cup sombreros. :)

Aren't they cute? They turned out SO GOOD!

Other students worked on a fun story activity.  I used the book The Bear and the Piano and some awesome book analysis pages from the Speech Bubble's Any Book Companion kit.  They really enjoyed this story and we practiced inferencing, predicting, vocabulary, sequencing, -WH questions, and more!

We also had a celebration for our special forces students who are moving on to a new school next year! Sniff, sniff.... so sad to see them go but excited for their new adventures!

The end of the school year always brings fun events like the earned parties called Speech Fun Week and the Pinata Party! I forgot to take pictures from both, but students can earn these parties by completing homework as well as other activities that show me that they are proactive about their learning and home practice.  That's it for the school year!  I will do a recap of my summer's events really soon!  

We only have a few weeks left of summer to go and then we get to have more awesome adventures for the next school year!  Looking forward to it!

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