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July 12, 2018

Highlights from the 2017-2018 School Year

So, parenting a toddler is a whole new concept for me and this blog and my other speechie media got away from me, so here are some highlights from last school year!  I hope to better document what we do more consistently for the 2018-2019 school year... I can't believe it begins very shortly!

Please note, each activity that we do highlights and targets a specific students' IEP goals.  Whether that be for language, speech, fluency, or voice deficits (and more), each activity addresses areas that students need to improve upon and strengthen.  I try to offer language-rich activities that utilize SLP made products, DOK questioning and reasoning, level 1-2 (and higher) vocabulary concepts, and many more.

Here we go!

I started the year off by doing a PECS level 2 intensive training.  I loved it and consider it the best CEUs I have ever earned. Highly recommended!

My awesome graduate student (and now CCC-CF!!!) Olivia Kassinger doing her thing while targeting some fall-themed skills:

We also targeted problem solving, predicting, and asking/answering questions by doing a fun Christmas-themed science experiment with candy canes!

We worked on learning basic prepositional concepts by working on a functional task to create a fun craftivity!

Christmas was filled with following multi-step directions, literacy concepts, and more!

We also work on homework once a month in small packets with big rewards if they get turned in!

 I love using technology and the EET system to work on vocabulary concepts with students:

That's it for now but I will post more later! I missed you guys and hope to resume and refresh the Speechie Evie blog soon!

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