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November 19, 2018

2018: Back to School

Greetings! I am a bit late in posting some topics for the 2018-2019 school year but better late than never!  If you have found my blog and website it is likely because I will be serving your child this school year and you got the information off of my business card or newsletter that I frequently send out.  If not, and you found my blog via other means, then welcome as well! I am glad to see you.

My name is Eve and I am beginning my 6th year of speech-language pathology work in the school system, namely an intermediate school so I primarily work with 4-6th graders.  Here is what my classroom looked like at the beginning of the school year:

As you can probably see, I love ALL things Mickey Mouse and Disney.  I can't help it! It is the location where my husband proposed, where we got married, where we announced our pregnancy, and where we call our "home away from home."

At the beginning of the year, all students make a "mouth craft" that gets posted on the wall outside my classroom.  They write down what their goal is that they are working on (that gets updated throughout the school year as their goals adjust) so that they know why they come see me and what we are working on. I find this is very important as one of my pet peeves is when students are asked, "What do you do in speech-language class?" and they respond something like "I don't know," or "Play games!"  We definitely have fun and use a variety of activities to target our goals, including books, games, worksheets, videos, and lots more as you will see me post throughout the year. 

Didn't they turn out great?! I love these and it has become an annual ritual with my students.  They love to see them as they come to my classroom each week. 

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