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November 25, 2018

2018: Main Idea

One of my favorite concepts to teach is that of "main idea." Essentially, you are trying to find out what the bigger, broader theme is of what you are looking at or reading. It is a skill that any student in school should be working on to some degree.  It teaches students to infer, interpret, and prioritize information in ways that helps them with problem solving and answering a variety of text based questions.

We use visualization techniques to help us recall information from the text:

We always start out the lesson by learning what the concept is. I try to use easy to understand visuals that are made for any by educators. 

We use a ton of visuals as we work through our text analysis.  Sometimes we have to infer information from the pictures. 

All in all, it was a successful lesson and one that I greatly enjoyed! I will continue to share a variety of lessons that are offered this school year and I hope that you enjoy these short snapshots of our learning communities.

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