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February 19, 2019

2018: Caramel Nachos

This was a fun activity that we did in our special forces class called "apple nachos." We did this as a fall themed activity and I love doing cooking projects with my students. It teaches and works on so many skills such as following directions, labeling, commenting, requesting, problem solving, and so much more!

Here is where I got the visual supports that I used in this activity. I highly recommend this product as it was made by a speech-language pathologist FOR speech-language pathologists, but could be used by any professional who works with special populations.

Preparing the caramel, they were so excited to see what the end treat would look like!

You can never have enough visuals when working with students or anyone with special needs. I also have a few students that are using the PECS system so having as many visual supports as possible is recommended.  I love PECS and have been two of their intensive training sessions and I love this system and how it helps to give some students a "voice" of their own to communicate. 

Starting to look yummy, aren't they?! I know that all my friends were starting to get so excited to try these. Always think of food allergies or issues with students and try to make sure you don't cook or prepare anything that someone might have trouble enjoying.

We always try to end these sessions with a quick comprehension check. These accompanying worksheets are perfect to see if students remember what we did together to make our wonderful treats!

All in all, we loved this activity! It is definitely something I would try again in the future. If you are looking for an easy fall-themed activity, I highly recommend this recipe! What recipes do you use with your students? 

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