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June 19, 2019

2018: STEM and Language with Pumpkins

I wanted to round out the 2018 school year with another holiday-themed activity that I did with ALL of my students on my caseload: Pumpkin Experiments! This is a Nichole Allison product and I highly recommend all of her science-based language/speech activities.  I try to do at least 2 a school year, one in the fall, and one in the spring. Here are a few snapshots:

As you can see, we did a LOT of texture/sensory describing activities that are designed to help write and think like a scientist as well as work on expanding vocabulary and critical thinking skills.

For my speech students, never fret, we were covered on all fronts by a passage specifically geared to target their speech sounds (or fluency skills):

Some groups also got to do some sensory art with apple stamping! I found this idea on Pinterest (as always) and we worked on colors, shapes, following directions, and creativity.

I got a lot of positive feedback from students about how much they enjoyed this project! We loved exploring the taste, texture, and smells from the pumpkin, pumpkin seeds, and apples. We also used the worksheets to expand our writing. 

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