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May 17, 2021

Technology Covid Style

 This school year can definitely be defined by the technology that we used, either equipment we knew and were familiar with, or new devices and tech that had to be learned.  I can definitely say that I've never had to so quickly scramble to learn new approaches to implementing therapy and lessons than I have had to do this year. Here are a few snapshots of some of the technology we used in our lessons:

We used Chromebook to access online and e-learning lessons together and to share visuals as a group and limit the contact on materials and reduce germs being transferred since the devices were easier and faster to sanitize in-between sessions. 

Another piece of tech was in learning and using the Dynavox Snap + Core software to be able to comment and request. This AAC app was new to me a few years ago but I've become pretty efficient at modeling it via Facilitated/Aided Language Stimulation approaches during our sessions.  I love seeing my students being able to communicate using this app!

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