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This blog might be primarily dedicated to my main passion of communication disorders, but I also wanted to use it to showcase my other geeky endeavors.

My husband and I recently became first-time parents and had the pleasure of designing and decorating our first nursery.  When we found out that we were having a boy, several nursery themes came to mind, but the one we kept coming back to was that of Dr Who, a show we've followed for years and dearly love for its geeky and endearing messages of friendship, love, and timey-wimey time travel.  

Our friends and family knew of our love for Dr Who so they also graced us with a similarly-themed baby shower.  Pictures below showcase both in loving detail.  All nursery details were designed by me and implemented or built by scratch by my engineer-oriented husband.  No details was too great for his creative mind!  Exciting elements include a Tardis closet door, crack in the universe night light, a programmable LED sonic screwdriver that operates the lights in both the Tardis and crack nightlight, Zelda triforce symbol (our son's name is Lincoln, Link for a nickname, and the triforce is a tribute to my favorite childhood video game), a Dr Who cradle (gifted to us by our amazing friends) and Doctor 10 (Tenant) themed baby mobile.  Enjoy and Allons-y!

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